In order to secure the future of various Open Source projects, we need to maintain a strict IP rights system for contributors, this is the reason we require everyone to agree to the CLA before commiting any pull requests.

This is common practice for Open Source software, for example, check out the jQuery CLA or the CLA for Yahoo's Open Source projects.


Ephox is the owner and maintainer of various Open Source project, most noticably, TinyMCE and Plupload, but this CLA is used for several projects.


When you make a pull request, if you do not exist in our database as an already signed GitHub user, you will get an email with a key and a link to use for signing.

For big companies

If you have multiple employees that need to sign the CLA, contact us via sales support, and we will send you a company wide CLA to sign.

Anonymous emails

It is fairly common for commiters to use <alias>@users.noreply.github.com, as we can not identify the user making the commit, these commits will not be accepted, close the pull request, update your email, and submit a new pull request.

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